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Upon the execution of your projects, there are many tasks which place massive time related demands on your project managers. At that point, reliable and competent support for your project manager is vital in assuring the success of the project.

We provide you with qualified and experienced project assistants, who can assist in the relief of strain on your project. Upon directives from the project leadership, they can take on tasks within project management, which remain factually the responsibility of the project leadership.

The deployment of assistants affords your project managers the freedom to concentrate on their core activities. This is then duly reflected in increased quality and cost reductions.

The project manager assumes additional time to focus on the necessary organisational and process related alterations which accompany your project. Subsequently, your project obtains greater sustainability and can achieve your predicted value earlier.

We offer

  • Appointment management (pre- and post-meeting processing)
  • Status and milestone reporting
  • Task tracking and follow-up
  • Creation of presentation documents
  • Project controlling
  • Document maintenance
  • Administration of access and working materials
  • Safeguarding of the flow of information and communication to all project participants
  • Internationally recognised project management methods
  • Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio)
  • Recommendation from the Federal Agency for IT Security
  • ISO

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Your benefits

Concentration on the Essentials

Concentration of the project manager / project team on the essential core and management tasks of the project and the project goals

Effective Relief

Relief in organisational, administrative and communication based assignments

Cost savings

Cost savings for your project

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Matthias Bachmann

Sales Department PMX

Matthias Bachmann is your main contact for Projectmanagement Services as well as Identity & Access Governance at the CATIS GmbH. He is part of the business development team as a key accountant.

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