PMx Services

Energy for your projects

Giving you the opportunity to focus on your business once again! We offer extensive assistance in the area of project management and provide you with the necessary resources.

In PMx, we comprise our services surrounding the area of „Project Management“. We provide consultation on the implementation of project management processes or, upon staffing shortages, we can provide resources from project assistants through to project managers, so that you again have the energy needed for your projects.

Your benefits

Investment Safety

Investment safety for your projects

Qualified Personnel

Deployment of qualified personnel with perennial experience

Reduced Project Duration Terms

Reduction of development periods, as several projects can function concurrently

Help upon Lack of Resources

Bridging of personnel shortages

Project Management

For the implementation of your project, we have developed our own project management process model, which is based on PMI. Your main benefit is the reduction of investment risks, which can arise during the course of your project. You maintain extensive insight into your projects at all times, as you benefit further still from our years of experience across a wide spectrum of industries.

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Interim Projectmanager

For the duration of your project, we can make a project manager available, who will take charge of this task extensively for the entirety of the project. You thus benefit from our know-how over a wide variety of industries and our experience with an array of diverse project management standards.

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Project assistants

Upon the execution of your projects, there are many tasks which place massive time related demands on your project managers. At that point, reliable and competent support for your project manager is vital in assuring the success of the project.

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Project Management Office

We offer you support / relief for your project leadership upon the realisation of planned goals and measures. The central task is to cater for comprehensive and internal processes, through to the appointment of external service providers.

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Project Office

Contrary to PMO, the Project Office provides one supporting benefit for your project. The tasks involved can be extremely multifaceted and the PO thus provides you with the possibility to concentrate on your tasks as project manager

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