Modern Datacenter

Your tools, always at hand

Behind the title of „Modern Data-Center“, you can find the automation and provision of client and data-centre infrastructures in your company.

In this process, our experts place a great deal of value on practical relevance and future security in relation to existing processes and their implementation in your IT infrastructure (on-premise and hybrid). With our many years of experience, we can support you in the analysis, adjustment and optimisation of your ITSM and Data-Center Management processes, whilst assisting you in production operations.

In addition, we can expand your Microsoft Service Manager Implementation with the ITIL based Life Cycle Management. Based on Microsoft System Center and Azure Services, we provide you with support in the automation of suitable processes within your company and thus facilitate, not only time savings, but also increased process safety.

We automate the provision of data-center resources, based on a practically relevant ITIL based provision. Through our well-grounded Client- and Patch-Management, we make a frictionless provision of applications and manufacturer independent patches possible.

Your benefits

Long-term cost savings

Long-term cost savings and a high level of process security in IT-Service and Data-Center management

Modern tools

Deployment of the most modern tools from market leaders

Planning security

Controlling and planning security of the assets within your company

Reduced process duration periods

Reduction of your process duration periods and cost savings through the automation of your processes

Increase in service quality

Increase in service quality through fast and process reliable provision of resources and services in your Data-Center

Effective error prevention

Error prevention and the quick provision of applications on an array of devices (virtual, user or device based) including standardised and cross-manufacturer Patch-Management

Datacenter Management

We automate the provision of Data-Center resources (Cluster, VMs, Service Templates, Network Virtualisation and Microsoft Backup Technologies) with ITIL conform administration of resources.

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Client Management & Client Virtualisierung

Our well-grounded Client Management makes it possible for you to experience a friction-less provision of applications (Microsoft, non-Microsoft) on an array of varied devices within your company.

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Asset & Configuration Management

We expand your Microsoft Service Manager implementations with ITIL based Life Cycle Asset Management.

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Process Management ITSM & Data-Center

Together with you, we analyse your ITSM and Data-Center Management processes and identify chances and risks in the process cycle.

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Process Automation

Based on Microsoft System Center tools, we support you in the automation of your processes. Our employees aid you in identifying and prioritising suitable processes, which are accelerated through automation and relieve the demands on your employees upon recurring activities.

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