Identity & Access Management


With Identity and Access Management, we ensure that the access to your systems and data is always only accessible to the respective authorised persons and users.

A central element of this is the provisioning of authorisation, along with the in-context considered basic principals, such as the separation of functions (no creation of super-users) and minimal principals (only considering the requirements of the specific user). Our focus here is placed on the technical implementation, as well as the maintaining of legal requirements

We offer

  • Composition and implementation of authorisation concepts
  • Implementation of new technologies for the execution of the provisioning of authorisation
  • User administration in ActiveDirectory and SAP, as well as diverse third-party software
  • Integration of requirements, such as separation of functions and minimal principals
  • Observance of statutory requirements and regulations (BaFiN, Solvency…)
  • Classification of data according to its worthiness of protection
  • ITIL
  • RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
  • SAP
  • Oracle Identity Manager/Analyzer
  • 8MAN
  • Appsense Enviroment Manager
  • Microsoft Mobile Enterprise Solution

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Your benefits

Protection of sensitive data

Access to your sensitive data and systems by validated users

Legal conformity & security

Security through the observation of legal regulations

Effective user administration

Through automated user content control

Future orientation

Utilisation of the latest technologies

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Matthias Bachmann

Sales Department IAG

Matthias Bachmann is your main contact for Projectmanagement Services as well as Identity & Access Governance at the CATIS GmbH. He is part of the business development team as a key accountant.

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